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Local Audit Software - Revenue Assurance

Maximize Revenue and Profit Margins

The ever-changing telecommunications industry coupled with today's economic conditions have dramatically increased the need for carriers to focus on and maximize their efforts at conducting Revenue Assurance programs, yielding what many believe is a "true" competitive edge. Local Audit Software provides the capabilities to analyze your revenue and cost data helping to identify billing, service provisioning and profitability issues.

Maximize Revenue


By comparing Local Audit Software data to your billing system data you can review cost vs. revenue for a particular customer, customer groups or usage situations. This can help you design or expand profitable programs and services as well as identify those programs & services that are "not profitable". Common types of analysis include:

  • Comparison of total charges -- "true" cost vs revenue
  • Comparison of individual charges -- "true" cost vs revenue
  • Comparison of "marketing plans" "true" cost vs revenue
The types of issues a revenue assurance program can assist in identifying, correcting and avoiding include:
  • Identifying zero or negative margin product(s) or rate plans.
  • BTNs, features (recurring & non-recurring charges), and/or usage appearing on the ILEC bill and not part of your customer base or in your billing system.
  • Features (recurring & non-recurring charges), appearing on the ILEC bill and not part of your customer base or in your billing system.
  • BTNs or WTNs (ANIs) that have usage, but no features associated with them.
  • An open architecture allows you to perform customized analysis depending on your particular needs.








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