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Local Audit Software - Bill Reconciliation

Decipher Your Invoices

Local Audit Software finally gives CLECs the ability to read their ILEC billing data files providing them the tools to decipher and validate that the bills they are paying are correct.
Decipher Your Invices

Depending on the ILEC and your geographical location, you may receive one or more paper (hard copy) summary invoices for each billing cycle / billing period that reflect the products and services purchased from that particular ILEC.

Each paper invoice is supplemented by an electronic version (multiple cd's, NDM transmissions, tapes) that provides the complete backup details of all charges. These electronic billing data files are the primary source of information for which the ILEC bills the CLEC.

Local Audit Software was one of the first products on the market that completely interprets and deciphers the full contents of every invoice.


Import Process:

Local Audit Software's unique proprietary import schema guarantees full data interpretation coupled with ultra fast processing speeds.

During the import process the software compartmentalizes all data elements supplied with each billing data file. This is critical because the data elements and resulting data tables are used during data validation and dispute identification.

In addition, Local Audit Software is fully backward compatible allowing the CLEC to audit historical billing data files beginning with June 1998 for purposes of trending & analysis and historical comparisons to data in their billing systems.

The method by which the Local Audit Software reads and analyzes the ILEC billing data files is in complete adherence with the Carrier Access Billing Specification / Billing Output Specifications (CABS - BOS) as per Telcordia documentation.

Invoice Data Validation:

During the validation process, Local Audit Software examines all data elements and performs a variety of calculations ( "internal audit") on the billing data files.

The validation routine compares the totals of all detail records to the summary records for each category within each billing invoice and/or data file.

Thereby assuring that detailed data elements do exist and support the total amount of dollars you where billed.

As a result of these validation routines, any validation errors incurred are flagged and stored in order that detailed reports can be generated to substantiate dispute claims with the ILECs.









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