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Local Audit Software - Identify and Eliminate Carrier Overcharges

Once the Local Audit Software has imported and validated all of your billing data files there is a wide variety of auditing functions available. Detailed auditing can be performed on:

  • Monthly Recurring Charges
  • Nonrecurring / Prorated Charges
  • Usage Charges
Identify  Eliminate Carrier Overcharges

Taking the time to analyze what your billing system indicates was ordered from the ILEC(s) versus what you are being billed by those ILEC(s) is a key step in assuring your costs are in line as well as your customers' services have been provisioned.

The types of potential issues that the auditing functions can assist in identifying, correcting and avoiding include:

  • Identifying and verifying the correct features for your customers' lines.
  • Ensuring your retail pricing is consistent with the cost structures you have negotiated including all price adjustments and tariff modifications.
  • Identifying where labor and repair costs have been inappropriately billed.
  • Validating taxes, surcharges, payments, late payments, credits, claims, disputes and other ILEC issues.
  • An open architecture allows you to perform customized analysis depending on your particular needs.







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