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Local Audit Software - Accessing your Data

Local Audit Software was designed from the ground up to be fully open. All imported data from your vendor's detailed electronic invoice is stored in an industry standard ODBC format. By maintaining a fully open architecture the software allows easy access to enhance ad-hoc analysis and report generation capabilities.

Currently, Local Audit Software has been deployed using Microsoft Access and Oracle databases.


Local Audit Software provides over 100 standard reports providing insight into ILEC billing data, cost and trend analysis that was previously unavailable.

Standard Reports can be used to perform detailed auditing of:

  • Monthly Recurring Charges
  • Nonrecurring Charges
  • Prorated Charges
  • Usage Charges

  Invoice Level

  • Payment
  • Adjustment
  • Finance Charges
  • FCC Charges
  • Taxes
  • Bill Summary

  Detail by Invoice / BTN

  • Recurring Charges (CSR)
  • Other Charges/Credits (OCC)
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Calling Services (CSV)
  • Discount Services (DCS)
  • All Charges

  Summary by Invoice

  • CSR by USOC
  • OCC by USOC
  • CDR by Usage Type
  • CSV by Usage Type
  • DCS by Usage Type

Custom Reports:

Local Audit Software's open architecture, provides the additional flexibility to read, organize, or present your data using any ODBC format or similar software.





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