Strategic Partners

MSCI Strategic Partners provide a high level of expertise in technology, business practices, system integration and industry knowledge.

Our Partners' Program was developed under the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We work closely with each and establish strong, long lasting relationships with the organizations with which we partner and we only partner with companies who we strongly believe in their value to our clients and who are fully committed in our value to their clients.

Becoming a MSCI Partner:

If your organization is interested in partnering with MSCI to better assist your clients and ours, contact us at

Info Directions Logo

Info Directions is a software development company that manufactures, installs, and supports core rating, billing and customer care solutions to the telecommunications and data marketplace. Info Directions delivers convergent, web-enabled solutions to multi-service providers, CLECs and ISPs that offer local, long distance, data, wholesale long distance, VoIP, utility, conference calling, frame relay, international callback, wireless and xDSL solutions. IDI continues to expand and advance the product based on the needs of customers and prospects. As a result, more than 80 service providers currently attribute the success of their billing management to Info Directions software. To learn more about Info Directions, Inc. please call 1.888.924.4110 or visit .

Highland lakes Logo

Quality accounting software is essential to the smooth operation of any telecommunications organization. Certainly, data processing delays and failures are unacceptable. Since 1984, Highland Lakes Software (HLS) has been successfully meeting the data processing needs of long distance companies, CLECs, wireless providers, shared tenant operators, and corporations. This unparalleled experience, and our list of over 225 satisfied clients, qualify Highland Lakes as the preferred resource for any job large or small.

HLS provides the telecommunications industry standard, Communications Accounting System (CAS), a software system offering a complete solution for in-house data processing needs. CAS manages call/transaction rating, convergent billing, accounts receivable, EMI formatting for LEC billing, credit card processing, coordinated customer service, provisioning and management control.

CAS is built on a table-driven model, which offers unparalleled flexibility “off the shelf.” Services including long distance, 800/900, local service, calling card, dedicated access, fax, voice mail, paging, cellular/PCS, ISP, and others may be contained in one statement.

CAS runs natively under Windows, most UNIX flavors and Linux.

Innovative pricing plans make CAS easy to acquire, whether you are a startup, or an established firm; from $475.00 per month. For more information, contact Dennis Killebrew at 800-583-1011 or .


BeQuick Software, Inc. specializes in innovative OSS solutions for deregulated markets with our industry leading product called QuickTel. QuickTel includes much more than just  accurate billing.  This powerful yet easy to use system alleviates the day to day headaches allowing our CLEC customers to focus on improving and expanding their business. QuickTel automates and consolidates all the time consuming activities required to process, provision and bill orders and simplifies everything through a single source software interface. 

QuickTel also provides direct patent pending EDI/XML provisioning with the major LECs, an online Customer Portal as well as a comprehensive Agent Tracking feature, all within a single application. QuickTel also support all forms of Prepaid and Postpaid billings. Resale, UNEP and UNEL based CLECs can automate CDR's and DUF ratings. VoIP, Cellular, ISP, Local and Long Distance services are all easily administered from one seamless system. All of these exciting features are backed by our outstanding support team. BeQuick Software focuses only on developing software for the CLEC market. This focus allows us to concentrate our efforts on providing exceptional products and service to our clients. As a result, BeQuick enjoys one of the highest customer retention and referral rates in the industry.

For more information, please contact or call 561-721-9600 x 227.



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