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MSCI addresses the requirements of clients who are entering the telecommunications business as well as the needs of the top tier telecommunications companies. Our customer base demonstrates our ability to scale and deliver results.

All of our customers have one thing in common -- they understand and appreciate the value of auditing their inter-carrier bills and focusing on revenue assurance as a real means of positively impacting their companies' bottom line.

Everyday, MSCI, its clients and partners are proving that Bill Auditing and Revenue Assurance solutions can fundamentally and profitably change the way service providers conduct their business.

What Our Clients And Associates Are Saying

"It is naive to pay a bill without looking at it. And that's how I felt until we started using Local Audit Software.   We now have an absolute understanding of all our invoice data, and every month it's providing a real positive impact to our bottomline."
Will McCarthy, Optimum Global Communications   
Local Audit Software gives me line of sight availability to ALL of my carrier's invoice data. In addition to all of the standard reports, LAS gives me full access to slice and dice the data to easily create disputes and reports that help me run my business PROFITABLY.

Thanks MSCI!

Gary Hawthorn, Controller, Remi Communications








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